I’ll get one!

Easily save space, time and nerves

Ingeniously simple, simply ingenious! With the PETStomper, you can reduce the volume of empty PET bottles by 80 percent with only one stomp of the foot. Thanks to PETStomper, you can save in several ways: You will use much less space at home and at the collection site. You will have more time and energy for everything else instead of for garbage disposal. In order to benefit from all of the advantages of PETStomper, you just have to follow all the instructions - that’s how easy it is for you and the environment to become winners!

Place the PETStomper on the floor. Pull up the slide by the handle.

Screw the lid of the PET bottle on just loose enough, so that air can escape. Place the open bottle in the PETStomper. Lower the slide until the bottle is firmly in place.

Stomp down on the slide with your foot: Get the PET bottle down to its minimum size with little power. Lock the slide with your foot.

Screw the lid tightly on to the PET bottle. This way no air can enter the bottle, keeping it small. Take your foot off the slide. Save space at home and all the way through the PET disposal process. 

Swiss made
PETStomper by Creabrain, Industriestrasse 13, CH-4703 Kestenholz